Getting rid of excess kilograms technically is an easy task everyone can cope with. The main thing is diligence, stability and motivation. Decided to lose weight? That always makes a right decision! After all, excess weight does not just look ugly, it is still very harmful to health. And now forget that dieting and psychical activity is an ungrateful and extremely slow thing. Start implementing these simple exercises into a daily routine. They are aimed at different parts of the body (shoulders, buttocks, back,). The heart will pound you will physically feel the muscles as they are burning fat. Yes, just three exercises to reduce the jeans size for few numbers. And most importantly – you can do them at home. Make 6-10 repetitions depending on the level of preparation.

· Buttocks bridge

Approaches: 6-10 / Repetitions: 15 / Rest: 0

Such bridge exercise not only will make a stomach flat and abs stand out, it adds flexibility to the gluteal muscles by also making the spine more stable. The initial position is lying on a back, bending the legs in the lap, stick the feet firmly to the floor. Perform the pelvis uplift staying on one leg, while the second is straight ahead. Repeat it 5-6 for each leg, each approach of lifting the body should be 3-5 seconds until you feel a slight burning in the butt region.

· One-hand weights

Approaches: 6-10 / Repetitions: 6 for each hand / Rest: 0

Keep the weight at the upper part of the hands. Keep the body always straight. While bending legs, push the feet, rapidly as if trying to hit something, then squeeze and put the pressure over the head. Take the initial position and do the same thing again. The explosive nature of the press will burn more calories and increase muscle mass faster.

· Side knife

Approaches: 6-10 / Repetitions: 5 for each side / Rest: 30 seconds

Face back pains from time to time? This one will make the oblique muscles stringer and train the stamina, making the lower back more stable as well. Lie on the side, right foot is on the left. The right hand over the head, and elbow to the side, pulling the left hand on the floor in front of you to keep the position. Bend the oblique muscles by raising the leg and elbow together, and then slowly lower. After working out one side of the body, do it for the other one.

Supplement these exercises with proper nutrition. Yes, this area has also suffered from an abundance of myths about the complexity of the transition from chaotic, unconscious nutrition to proper nutrition. You do not need any debilitating diets, starvation and other extreme techniques. They do not work. Yes, you can quickly lose weight by reducing the amount of food you eat. But all the discarded kilograms will return even faster. And most likely, they will invite a couple of friends and relatives with them.

· Modern technology and a willingness to stick to the daily diet are your best friends

As you can see, you do not need so much effort and knowledge to become a star on the favorite beach. Modern technology apps will help to monitor the amount of calories consumed. And this is absolutely necessary condition for losing weight. You need to create calorie deficit. The body will start taking calories from the fat stores and they will gradually decrease.

The diet should be balanced. Start with changing the proportions of food on a plate. The main part should be formed by vegetables and protein. One to two times use carbohydrates in small amounts. Stay hydrated – this will make it easier for the body to get rid of toxins and accelerate metabolism.

By the way, if you are a confident coffee junkie, we have a small lifehack for you replace coffee with matcha tea. It also invigorates the organism, but, what is more, contains up to 300 useful trace elements. And significantly speeds up metabolism. Drink mate in the morning, before breakfast and you will see the result in a week!