Remember the movie with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey “How to get rid of a guy in 10 days,” where the main heroine did everything NOT to make her new love affair last? Psychologists believe that each of us is a bit of a Hudson heroine, but we do not always realize this. Many people think that if a person loves me the way I am, we do not need to work on switching the relationships to the next level and psychologists will not help. So, how to ruin any connection with a loving person and make your biggest dream fall apart by your own wrong actions?

1. Be jealous! It is desirable so that your beloved has to make excuses again and again. Who needs trust an honesty? We all have our problems and nothing can be better than just screaming to let your aggression out in the moments of hardships. Check pockets, interrogate with predilection, make tantrums. What is more, we will talk about this last one below.

2. Tantrums! You partner should always be on alert and ready to discuss the state of personal things and the state of relationship at any minute during a day or at night. They are no longer afraid of screams and do not shudder from beating dishes? Congratulations – you’re on the only right track. Now the person you are dating seems so mentally unstable that all your parts of life are clearly falling apart and your love gives a farewell goodbye to being called “healthy”. But psychologists say it is bad to hide your emotions inside, so you do you, keep going!

3. Ask more about their ex. Demand a report that they no longer love their last partner, that that person was just terrible, fat, ugly, stupid, and indeed their whole life was devoid of meaning to you. Let them speak. Again and again. This music to your ears should be eternal. But do not relax upon hearing what you have just asked for. Add something like “I don’t believe because you are trying nor enough! You are still secretly in love with them but keep lying”. And let them try to convince you that their words are true even more! No matter what you do or how a great of a time spend you have together, turn back to this topic and show how hard it is to realize that your persona is not the only one that your beloved has ever dated or been in love.

4. Ignore their desires. Nothing special, they have to cope with their problems and learn how to do it without your help. Live together as if you are just sharing the same apartment – who needs sentiments and soul wide open? It is better to think about yourself on the first place. Stop making only them happy, after all, and put your wishes first. It can feel quite liberating since you no longer have to care about some other person as everyone that maintains healthy relationships does. Your partner should understand you from the hints you give or read your mind, as a last resort. But never bother yourself too much to ask what they need, if they want something, they should just speak their mind and be straightforward.

5. Forget about personal space. Stick to them so close that your partner cannot breathe. Hold their hand while eating, lie on them while watching a movie, and each time you try to leave the room, ask: “Where are you going?” Because now you are two parts of one whole, you need to stay close. Relationships mean creating a new cell of the society, an organism that one day will marry and function as one institution. So, why don’t you already practice the skill of going to the toilet or to a doctor for a full body check together. And what is the most vital, you cannot have secrets, not shared memories or not common friends, everything should be divided for the two of you. It

is completely normal to lead each other’s social media, know all the passwords, edit photos and share posts from the behalf of the person you are.